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Transforming Houses into Heartfelt Homes—custom-designed spaces, optimized and elegant. Your personal vision is hand-crafted by our experts.

What does your ideal home look and feel like after a long day?

Walk through the door to a heartfelt home designed for your unique needs. Artfully crafted spaces that match your style yet take it to new heights. Layouts optimized for how you live, elegant décor selected to delight and inspire. Let our designers turn your personal vision into reality – a home that complements everything you are. We'll learn your aspirations and leverage our expertise to hand-craft every detail. Until your home finally breathes new life into you each day.

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Interior Designers serving Northern Virginia, Southern Maryland, and Washington, DC

We empower you to align your home with your unique vision 

We are a team of seasoned interior designers who will get to know your unique needs and aesthetics. We will unlock your house's full potential by leveraging our expertise to transform it into a sanctuary aligned with your true self - an elegant, peaceful environment designed to bring out the best in your lifestyle.


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16  /  06  /  2035

2035 Architects appointed to create 4 new affordable housing complexes


08  /  12  /  2035

We are proud to announce that 2035 Architects have been shortlisted for the Residential Architect Awards


27  /  09  /  2035

Insider: Plans to production - the full architecture process
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